Wednesday, February 27, 2008

VISION QUEST this weekend...

On Saturday I will compete for the first time in the Warrior's Society's legendary Vision Quest mountain bike race. The VQ is one of the toughest bike races in southern California, maybe anywhere. I have run most of the course with my ultrarunning posse, but have not ridden a single inch. Whoops! Ideally I would have scouted the course in the weeks before the race. However, after this past fall's fires much of the course has been closed by the forest service as the roads and trails are rehabilitated. It will be interesting to sneak a peak while suffering for 5+ hours.

At 56 miles long, with 12,000 feet of elevation gain, proper pacing and fueling will be critical. A look at the race results from past years reveals the same cast of characters continually dominating. My goal is to finish respectably, learn the course, and have something left to do a transition run. In all honesty I am in my best early-season form ever and I hope to mix it up "towards" the front on this truly epic test of fitness. This race will be a fantastic gauge of my fitness heading into the gnarly and epic Baja Travesia with my team, DART-nuun.

I will be wearing my Team SHO-AIR/Sonance team colors for this race. Ridiculously strong teammate Super Mario is on the start list and is one to watch out for this year...

Standby for results and hopefully some photos after the race!


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