Friday, February 15, 2008

Massive Baja Travesia Training Weekend!

Vitargo s2 is coming soon!

Saturday's Bodacious Beat-down

42 mile, 5 hour 30 minute mountain bike ride in the eastern Santa Monica mountains
-15 minute transition at the cars, to resupply water, food, and change into running gear-
22 Mile, 4hour 42 minute mountain run in the dark.

Massive amounts of steep climbing on both sessions.
Cyril has the data from his Garmin 305.

On Sunday the legs got a rest...but the shoulders got SMOKED!

Giant Breakfast at 50s Diner on Santa Monica Blvd!

2 Hour kayak paddle from our usual put-in, Children's Beach at Marina del Rey
1 Hour paddleboard, suffering terribly.

Kathryn Tubbs was cool enough to give me a lesson on proper technique.
Thanks Kathryn!

The crew included Cyril Jay Rayon, Sylvie Maracci, Tessa "The Impossibly Strong Brazilian" Roorda, Christian Burke, Melissa Cabrera, Ryan & Evan Hyde.

Pictures on the way. LA city lights, stream crossings, Eagle Rock, Backbone singletrack, Malibu beaches, and some road rash....I crashed on the mountain bike on some steep, rocky, narrow singletrack...again! Bruises in the strangest places. How do you bruise your chest?

This was a 26 hour training week for me, my biggest this year. I have averaged around 20 hours of adventure racing training per week since Thanksgiving, and I still look forward to every session. Training with good friends, in new and beautiful areas makes burnout much less likely. I also attribute the lack of burnout to logging on, where my teammates and I can track eachother and hold eachother accountable for putting in the volume necessary to compete at an elite level. Eventually you have days where you just don't feel it...that's when you have to HTFU and get out the door and go into Rocky-mode. Living in Seattle for years, almost every session was a "Rocky-Mode" session. Not in Orange County! I am very fortunate to have such great weather and the nearby ocean and mountains.


Our teammates up in the Seattle area are all on the ferry home right now from Orcas Island. They planned on circumnavigating Orcas and Shaw islands by sea kayak-following part of the Primal Quest paddle we all did in 2004. In addition the crew had some fantastic mountain biking (also from the 2004 PQ Race) and a 50K trail run on the agenda...

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