Friday, February 29, 2008

The hay is in the barn...

...and I am ready to throw down.

Quick sleep tonight, get up at 3am, Vision Quest starts at 5:30.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers because this one is going to hurt. I'm stoked and I look forward to the pain. Click on the elevation chart above for an idea of what 11,000'+ of climbing looks like over 56 miles.

It's all mind over matter: if I don't mind, then it doesn't matter!

I will use GenR8 Vitargo as my primary fuel tomorrow, carrying one full bottle on my bike at the start, with two empty bottles with just the powder inside for the aid stations. Additionally I will have ziplock baggies filled with a couple bottle's worth of Vitargo each should I need more during the race. YOU CAN FINALLY BUY VITARGO IN THE USA! Go to a GNC near you to give it a try.

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