Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer & Fall 2014

Sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Last fall and winter, I decided to "re-set" my hormones and body. I took a "break" from endurance training to focus on strength and power over the winter. On February 22, two days after tearing and dislocating my left index finger in a freak jiu jitsu accident,  I managed to slip in my garage while squatting in ANOTHER "freak accident" and broke my left wrist (distal styloid hairline fx, non-displaced). Although it was quite painful, all I could do was laugh. Life's obstacles.

Good thing my expectations are usually set for "low" and my tolerance is set for "HIGH".

Adversity is the path to success.

The long layoff from endurance training, plus the recovery from the arm, forced me to pull out of the 2014 DEATH RACE, which was to be my A race for the year. Right now I'm putting together a fall/winter 14-15 race schedule that has me super-motivated to stay healthy and strong.   Spartan Hurricane Heat: SoCal,  Peak Winter Death Race in Vermont, and Traveling Peak Death Race: MEXICO are on my list.   My goal is to arrive at each of these as A) healthy and B) fit as possible.

Multiple injuries over the last few years have tested my patience, and in some cases my decision making ability, but they were actually timed quite nicely. I met my wife, we started our life together, and I have my head screwed on right as I look to the future with a greater appreciation for things I formerly took for granted. It's funny how that works out!

Why procrastinate when the future you "imagine" isn't guaranteed?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yosemite & Mammoth: Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Memorial Day Weekend seemed like a dubious choice, but we risked it. After a pleasant drive up the 395 from Los Angeles, we were surprised to find the east side of Yosemite (through Tioga Pass) practically empty! It seems the tourists prefer the valley.

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Some people choose a relaxing honeymoon vacation, at a resort on the beach. Alla and I decided it would be more fun and memorable if we hiked, paddled and climbed around Costa Rica. We did not make it to the beach at all!  We spent our time exploring the Pacuare River, a coffee plantation, a visit to the Cabecar tribe, Volcan Barva, Volcan Arenal, and plenty of small villages in between. We mostly got around by a shared van, or raft, but we also rented a car on the last day which gave us the opportunity to navigate through some off-the-beaten path Costa Rican countryside. It really is a beautiful country and worth moving towards the top of your travel list.