Thursday, June 27, 2013

Obstacle Race Coaching and Training Programs

Obstacle Racers! Spartan Racers! Tough Mudders!

If you are planning your first or 10th obstacle race and would like a training program and/or coaching, email me at mrseanclancy AT   We will start off with a free consultation over the phone where will discuss your background, goals and life situation. From there you have a few options. Either we can set you up with a detailed training program and ongoing communication, just coaching/consulting sessions over email or phone, or a 'full meal deal' training program and coaching/consultation on a month-to-month basis.

For competitive athletes aiming to win races, training programs can be fine-tuned with additional one-on-one time, coaching days (in Southern California), equipment/gear selection, land navigation instruction (if needed) and steep discounts on sports nutrition. This is not a half-ass program. This is FULL-ASS.

The programs are personally designed and appropriate for any level of athlete, from "off the couch/working 60hrs per week" to "2:15 marathoner/full-time athlete". There is no "one size fits all" program.  My background combines military experience, ~20yrs of ultra-distance endurance racing internationally (2008 Adventure Racing National Champion, 2009 USA Triathlon All American), CrossFit coaching certifications (Level 1, Endurance, Mobility & Goal-Setting), and years learning/practicing sports nutrition and mental game with some of the world's best. You can learn all of this the hard way, over years, or I can give it to you.

Give it 100%. Don't die wondering.


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