Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"Before" Photo

Did you know that at least 65% of runners are injured every year?

I would repeat the definition of insanity here, but...In the spirit of breaking old patterns, improving technique and strengthening my body to new levels this year, I found myself a few blocks from the beach in South Los Angeles last weekend, taking notes in a CrossFit gym between technique, videotaping and interval sessions.

The CrossFit Endurance Certification/Seminar (hosted by the fantastic CrossFit SouthBay in Hermosa Beach, California Feb 25-27) was far more valuable than I anticipated, and I kinda
had high hopes for good take-away nuggets. The POSE Running technique drills and before/after analysis filming alone was worth the price of admission. Anyone who knows Brian Mackenzie knows he is an entertaining dude, full of useful knowledge and a great presenter. He's had some practice!

Brian's CFE partner Doug Katona's training background is also quite impressive and diverse. Together these guys are a dynamic duo, determined to improve your technique while dropping Daisy Cutter bombs on old-school 50 year-old endurance training paradigms. CFE is designed to work in conjunction with your CrossFit programming schedule, or the one posted daily at for best results. Both Brian and Doug coach athletes of all levels with this approach, with surprising (to most) success.

As with any CrossFit seminar or certification, if you attend a CFE weekend you will be surrounded by open-minded, passionate athletes of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes, hungry to learn and succeed. You can't beat that for a fun, comfortable and challenging learning environment. Regardless of your running or endurance sport background, you are sure to go home with a fantastic amount of information and ideas you can implement right away.

At the Hermosa Beach event, you had CrossFit (and non-CrossFit) athletes ranging from "non-runners" to "former-runners" (coming back from all forms of injuries), to ultra-endurance folks, triathletes, 5k runners, SWAT team members, Navy SEALs, MMA fighters, a former professional track athlete...and a few recent "converts" from the Globo Gyms or low-heart rate endurance trainign world. Athletes of myriad backgrounds came together to learn better running technique and smarter training programming...and that is exactly what they brought home on Sunday.

If you want PASSION and ATTENTION TO DETAIL in honing your running technique (or cycling or swimming at future CFE camps), you will definitely dig the quality instruction by CrossFit Endurance's Brian Mackenzie and Doug Katona. If you are interested in improving your running technique, avoiding injury, and getting the best return-on-investment of your training time, check out

Upcoming seminars and certifications are being held all around the world.