Thursday, April 8, 2010

Operation Colorado

This Sunday evening I am flying solo to Denver for a few weeks of Ironman training at altitude, and possibly interviewing for a new job as well. During this time my plan is to swim, bike and run in the Boulder area throughout the week and (weather permitting) perhaps some higher elevation locations on the weekends. I have not yet visited Colorado other than brief business trips in the past so I am very much looking forward to the full experience. (Strange, right? I have raced in most other western states yet for some reason I seemed to have saved the "best" for last (according to my Colorado friends at least)).

While racing, mountaineering and training at higher elevations between 8 and 14'000 feet in the past I historically have done well compared to other hematocrit-challenged, sea-level beach monkeys. With luck that will remain the case over the next few weeks as I adapt to the thin air. I hope to continue rolling my ~25 hour training weeks and reap maximum benefit of the altitude, regardless of my temporarily diminished pace and power output. It should be interesting to compare how my current sea-level 6:48ish/mile MAF pace (Maximum Aerobic Function/151 heart rate) slows at 5400 feet. Humble pie, anyone? I'll take seconds!

Every day I will be reporting on my twitter feed, @seanclancy75 with some random observations and photos.

Here's to High adventure and exciting life choices, friends!

Choose Your Own Adventure.