Wednesday, February 20, 2008

California Multisport Arrives!

California has CONSPICUOUSLY lacked run-bike-paddle multisport trail races since the rise of adventure racing in the mid 90s. Triathlon has boomed, but if you want something a bit more wild, such as adventure racing you have to find a team. Sure you can race as a solo at adventure races, but even with a dominating win you are not given much credit since it is a team event.
We know Adventure racing is essentially derived from the Coast 2 Coast race in New Zealand. Kiwi racers have historically been the strongest on the circuit due to their years of intense competition from an early age in multisport, mountain running, mountain biking and paddling races. Races similar to the C2C are popular in the Pacific Northwest (Ski2Sea, Pole Pedal Paddle, many others) , Northeast (Jay Challenge), British Columbia (Sea 2 Summit), etc., but have never made it to California. Strange! California is home to more triathletes, ultrarunners, cyclists, paddlers than anywhere.

My wait is finally over. Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren of Team SOLE, and Christian Burke of Team Feed the Machine are bringing us California Multisport. I am stoked. This race series suits me very well and I look forward to competing in the entire series.
Thanks Paul, Karen, & Christian!

Check out details on the website HERE.

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