Sunday, February 24, 2008

Team DART-nuun takes 1st place at 2008 Desert Rage Vail Lake Adventure Race!!!

Sean & Tessa bring Team DART-nuun another win

DART-nuun and finishing together

Vail Lake with San Bernardino snowcapped mountains in the distance

Cyril and Christian compare their own satellite imagry to the 'official' maps. Sneaky.

DART-nuun (orange boat) paddling off the front, along with Team FTM right from the gun

The grass-roots transition area. Paul Romero (in SOLE shirt) taunting everyone

Sean outsprinting formidable runner Evan Hyde to the Kayak finish

Post-race: Sean Conspicuously showing off the new SUUNTO Core watch

Tessa Roorda, Sean Clancy, Cyril Jay Rayon, Sylvie Maracci, Christian Burke & Evan Hyde

DART-nuun WINS the Desert Rage Adventure Race!

Tessa Roorda and I, racing as team DART-nuun, took 1st Place Overall
in the past weekend’s Desert Rage Adventure Race held at Vail Lake, California.

The Desert Rage format consisted of 3 separate orienteering sections: mountain bike, paddle, and trail run. Each section had a time limit of 2 to 3 hours during which your team could hit assigned checkpoints in any order. Navigation and decision making were critical as you wanted to hit every checkpoint, but if you were running out of time on any section you had to hurryback to the finish line before the time cutoff. If you arrived after the cutoff, you would be penalized and essentially out of contention. Between each section was a 15 and 30 minute transition break. If you arrived early, you essentially had more time to recover, study the map and prepare for the next leg. This is a far cry from the usual, where we would scramble through transition in a minute or two.

DART-nuun raced alongside Team for 99% of the race. FTM captain Christian Burke navigated flawlessly, with special guest Cyril Jay Rayon (captain of Team DART nuun filling in) as the world’s best back-up navigator! Seriously. Christian and Cyril did the bulk of the navigating and deserve credit for DART-nuun's win.
Our goal before the race was to race together, and ideally both win our divisions, with one team taking the Overall win. I am extremely competitive and wanted to bring my team, DART-nuun the first win of the season so Tessa and I sneaked a bit ahead during the bike and kayak sections. In my two races with team DART-nuun, we now have 2 wins (Baja Extreme 24 hour in Mexico being the other)...I want to keep that streak alive!

We rented a Necky Amaruk, one of actual the boats used in Primal Quest 2004 and 2006. Corry Fitzgibbons now owns a small fleet and rents them to racers. Corry lives in Costa Mesa, California and if you need a boat or two for your next race contact him here. The conditions on the lake were perfect. Light wind, glassy water. I was kicking myself for not bringing a surfski, or even a K-1, but this was a team race, Tessa does not paddle a surfski, so we needed a tandem. Thanks, Corry!

GenR8 donated 4 tubs of their much-talked-about-soon-to-be-released drink to the winning 4 person team, which was Team Thanks, GenR8.

I used the GenR8 Vitargo drink as my main fuel during the event. The only other fuel I took on was water with nuun for electrolytes, Pringles in the transition for extra salt, and one bag of Clif Blocks (margarita flavor with extra salt). For breakfast I ate just a MetRx “Big 100” bar, and a couple pieces of bread with peanut butter, jelly, and banana. I used no other supplements during the race and had astonishingly consistent, furious energy throughout. GenR8 will be for sale soon at select GNC stores and is currently available at Fleet Feet Laguna Niguel. Get your hands on some and see what the buzz is all about.

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