Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nike takes 1st, DART-nuun fighting for 3rd

Team NIKE crosses the finish line in 1st Place...again!

Adventure racing homie Donato from Team Dirty Avocados jokingly calls out Race Director and retired SEAL Team 6 counterterrorism commando Don Mann.

Who will it be? DART-nuun or Bones?

Go to and click on "Tracking".

You will get a LIVE GPS location on a Google Earth map
of DART-nuun's location.

Our DART-nuun teammates have been racing neck and neck with Team BONES for over 400 miles. I can only imagine how exhausted they must be as they race towards the finish line. Racing at this elevation, for 520 miles, will destroy your body, lungs and mind...far beyond what most could imagine. DART-nuun and Bones are both very experienced teams & fixtures on the West Coast adventure racing scene.

Send your prayers and good vibes out to both of these teams!

On Saturday, prohibitive favorite Team NIKE ran away with an absolutely dominating win. Merrell-Zanfel is about to finish in 2nd place with a 12hr plus lead on DART-nuun and Bones.

Clearly, the most exciting part of the race is the suicidal pace for 3rd!

This race is adventure racing at its purest. Retired Navy SEAL officer Don Mann, the organizer, took out a 2nd mortgage on his own home to make this race happen (just like he did for the Beast 2000 which was ousted by Eco Challenge...remember?).

Send some shout-outs to the website if you get time. These folks sacrificed and poured their souls into the race with very little outside investment.


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em stud!!!
You guys rock...and you know this.
I will be having a beer and a brat with Fitz in your honor on Friday!!!

E Mac / Jesus

Sean Clancy said...

Represent the 219 for me. You better win that 5k. Then-and only then-brats and beer.

I am not at Primal Quest this year; my teammates are...Sorry if I didn't make that too clear in my post. The PQ squad is Cyril, Aaron Rinn, Aaron Matzke, and Mari Chandler aka Superwoman.

DART-nuun is a super-deep team. The folks not racing at Primal Quest are focusing on winning the other races on the schedule, with the goal of winning the Checkpoint Tracker series. Hopefully we can win some cash to cover our expenses, which as you could guess are insane. The squad for these races will be me, Glenn Rogers, Ryan Van Gorder, and Mari Chandler.

I am getting ready for the Gorge Games 24 hour adventure race in Hood River, Oregon on July 18-19th.

After that it's the Kit Carson Big Blue 24 Hour near Lake Tahoe September 14-15th.

Then the big daddy is the Adventure Xstream Expedition adventure race in Moab, Utah at the end of September.

That's the scoop.