Sunday, June 22, 2008

One more week on the road...

Photo this week is one HotWheels took while in Osaka, Japan last month.

This is my last week in Wilmington, Delaware and I am beyond ready to get back to my normal schedule at home in California! There are only 4 weeks to go until the Gorge Games 24 hour adventure race in Hood River, Oregon. Hence, there will have to be some serious volume cramming when I return from Wilmington in order to be fully prepared.


This weekend in Orange County we had temperatures from 90-100+, perfect simulation for the heat we (Team DART-nuun) are sure to face at Gorge Games 24 Hour. On Saturday I managed to fit in a gym session at NAC, hour run at Crystal Cove, mile ocean swim at Corona del Mar, and hill repeats on the mountain bike at Aliso/Wood Canyon. I went through half a tube of nuun, dropping a tab into every other water bottle. I probably drank an average of 48oz per hour, one of the two water bottles always having Vitargo.
That, folks, is my "Bonk Proof" recipe for success!


Now that I have a few more rides on my new Turner Flux, I need to say what a revalation it has been. The way this bike handles, climbs, and descends is unlike any thing I have ever ridden. I am instantly a better rider on this bike. Of course the fit is very important, and this bike in the 21" size is perfect for me (6'3", 33" inseam, long torso). If you are considering a new mountain bike frame, get your hands on a Turner Flux to test-ride before dropping your hard-earned on anything else.


The Michelin tires (black/dry compound) seem to excel in dry conditions. I simply am not spinning out on surfaces where I normally would. These tires are on all the DART-nuun bikes up at Primal Quest in Montana. The Manitou fork I am riding is not just light and unexpectedly stiff, but it's lockout mechanism works like a charm. For long climbs in adventure racing, this is a key feature. The FSA wheelset and components are light, strong, and good-looking. Let's face it: if you're going to drop thousands of dollars on a damn bike, it better look as good as it performs. Right?


On Sunday I joined Christian Burke of Team Feed The Machine for a 4 hour road ride from his house in Hermosa Beach to Pepperdine University in Malibu and back, then an immediate brick run to Manhattan Beach pier and back. The heat was so bad we had to stop at one of the beach showers to try to cool off. Let me tell you-that works! It felt incredible. Highly reccomended!


Songs of the day...I am listening to the new Coldplay and My Morning Jacket albums lately.

Viva la Vida...took probably 6 listens before I 'got it'. Download it if you haven't.

My Morning Jacket's album Evil Urges is a departure from their earlier work but perhaps their creative apex. Worth downloading!

42 - Coldplay

Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

Touch Me Im Going To Scream Pt. 2 - My Morning Jacket

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