Friday, June 13, 2008

Going back home to the West Coast...

I'ts been a long time, been a long time been a long, lonely lonely lonely
lonely lonely time.

It's been a while since my last update! But I have a good excuse:

This month I am in Wilmington, Delaware during the week, and at home in Orange County
during the weekends. Crazy, right? I am actually in Wilmington studying asthma and pulmonology. Por que? I have recently switched career paths from psychiatry/neurology back to the respiratory division of my company. It's a good thing!

Let me tell you-running in 90 degrees and 90% humidity is quite different than the perfect weather I am used to in Orange County. I have been exploring the local country roads, running through rolling hills, past 250 year old cemeteries...Monday night I was even able to see and hear a loud crackling thunderstorm-something you never get in SoCal.

This weekend the miraculously majestic lovely HotWheels takes off for an extended business trip in SE Asia. 5 weeks! ONE week in Japan was hard, so neither of us are stoked about 5 weeks of separation. On the positive side, I will go into a ROCKY IV type existence of focus on work and training. As the GORGE GAMES 24 HOUR ADVENTURE RACE
approaches, I need to make sure I peak at just the right time if we are going to beat the New Zealand team for 1st place. That's the goal!

If I am not working or sleeping, I will be riding, running, paddling, swimming, or cramming in some Bikram yoga.

So today's song goes out to the lovely and talented HotWheels.

Song of the day is West Coast by Coconut Records/Jason Schwartzman

West Coast - Coconut Records

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