Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DART-nuun 4th Place at Primal Quest!

Although DART-nuun crossed the finish line in 3rd place, behind NIKE and Merrell-Zanfel, the 4th Place team, BONES leapfrogged into 3rd place because they
hit an extra Optional checkpoint during the race, giving them a time credit. They crossed the finish line 20 minutes behind DART-nuun-after 548 miles of nonstop racing-but their 1hr time bonus was enough to secure 3rd.

Details and photos to follow.

Mari Chandler told me she will be ready to rock at the GORGE GAMES 24 hour adventure races in 2 weeks. As all of my readers know, Mari is my favorite teammate and I am almost positive she is an alien-human hybrid like they talked about on X Files. 548 miles of racing HARD, through the mountains, in the snow, above 9,000', and Mari says she feels fine. I'm glad she's on MY team.

4th Place at Primal Quest is a phenomenal result for any team. PQ is the biggest race in the world of adventure racing, our Super Bowl. Obviously the team was disappointed to lose 3rd in this fashion, but we have great respect for Nike, Merrell-Zanfel, and Bones. We will get a chance for a rematch at the World Championships in Brazil this November!

Plenty of videos over at www.ecoprimalquest.com, www.checkpointzero.com

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