Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's get 2008 started...

The above photo is from the Western States 100 training camp last Memorial Day Weekend. I am on the left. Next to me are Orange County athletes iMichelle Barton, Mark Matyazic, and Kiera Henninger. Little did I know that the next morning I would injure my calf muscle 8 miles into a 33 mile run, over the middle 3rd of the WS100 course. Those last 25 miles were painful, but still fun!

2008 promises to be an exciting year! The last several years have seen some serious ups and downs in my life... In 2008, I am entering the year healthy, fit, with a job I love, with a fantastic support network of friends and training partners here in Southern California, from San Diego to Santa Monica. Firmly ensconced my new abode in Aliso Viejo, I am just a few blocks from neverending trails for running and mountain biking.

This year I am going back to more of an Adventure Racing focus, which I am highly excited about. I will be racing primarily with my friends at Team Dart-nuun, who I have trained with for years and also raced with in the past in Mexico. When you race with friends whom you genuinely trust and respect, the experiences both good and bad are so much richer.

This winter I have been able to string along consecutive 20hour training weeks, something I had not done in the past. So far, I have been able to comfortably absorb the volume, and am much faster at my easy/aerobic heart rates than ever before at this point in the (pre) season. In this blog I won't get into too much training detail...I do that over at

I will try to journal my adventures in training, fueling, nutrition, and travels. That's assuming anyone ever reads this! Ha!

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