Thursday, January 24, 2008

GenR8 review...

There is a quantum leap in fueling for those who compete in events longer than 3-4 hours. It's called GenR8, and the active ingredient is NOT maltodextrin, but a carbohydrate calledVitargo. The following is my empirical opinion after testing this new drink over the last couple months. This company actively sought out hard-core ultra endurance athletes to test their product ahead of launch, and I was one of the lucky guinnea pigs.

When looking at energy drinks, gels, or bars, I consider both Efficacy and Tolerability. Providing constant energy is paramount. However, if it tastes terrible or causes stomach distress, I must trade a bit of efficacy for tolerabilty. Stomach issues will stop you in your tracks -literally- in an ultra endurance competition or even a long training day.

During 20+ mile runs at 7-8 minute pace, in 85 degree temps, and on 5-6 hour rides in the mountains, in cold temperatures, I had an increased sensation of 'even' energy and state of arousal. Just like having an IV in your arm.

Bottom line: GenR8 gave me steady energy on long sessions, no bonking. Steady blood sugar. Other drinks such as Perpeteum have given me similar results, but GenR8 seems to offer a more *sustained* energy, again like having an IV, and the taste is not chalky like Perpeteum.

I plan on using GenR8 for for the 12 hours of Temecula. I'll post a review.

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