Sunday, January 20, 2008

Adventure Racing, Triathlon, & Endurance Training

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Do you live in the L.A., Orange County, or San Diego area?

Do you need an endurance fitness trainer for your next race? I am available to train athletes or teams on a case-by-case basis for development of fitness programs, guided training outings, or 1 on 1 consulting.

Running. Mountain Biking. Paddling. Hiking. Goal Setting.

If you need guidance in achieving your ambitious goals in the endurance sport world, or if you just want to learn where all the secret training spots are in SoCal, contact me.

If personal or team coaching is not in your budget, I encourage you to browse the links listed under "The Information" for a good start.

Train with passion,


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Robert said...

Robert Finlay here of Kayak Lake Mead. I was browsing your blogsite. I found words here; words of encouragement, words of passion, words of inspiration. I am training this year. If I lived in SoCal, you'd be my trainer.