Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Manitou Springs Road Trip: Part I...Garden of the Gods

Over the weekend HotWheels and I drove from Boulder down to the very cool (sits at 6500') mountain town of Manitou Springs. Our plan was to check out the Olympic Training Center, Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak and the famous Incline and Barr trails. We also wanted some good maps and first-person beta on the best mountain bike trails in the area. The Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs area's running and mountain bike trails seem to be unanimously regarded as superior to Boulder's. The staff at Colorado Cyclist was very friendly and helpful in sharing maps and specific trail information...I cannot wait to get my Turner Flux down here!

Ever since I started adventure racing and focusing on ultra-endurance events in the mid-90s I have read about the Pike's Peak Ascent and Marathon (and Matt Carpenter's inhuman feats of endurance), the Barr trail, the Incline Club, and the town of Manitou Springs. I never thought it would take me this long to actually see it in person! I'm glad I finally made the trip. If you think these snapshots are spectacular, you should see it in person at sunset...or sunrise!

We were limited in time, so did not fit in any training on this afternoon. However, I look forward to coming back soon to test myself on these legendary trails...

Part 1: Garden of the Gods
Part 2: The Incline
Part 3: Olympic Training Center


Ryan Weeger said...

Looks rad dude!!! Dreamcrush campout? The Top Fuel needs to visit those trails asap.

Luke said...

dang man...one of the places i didn't get to hit while i lived out there! looks sick though!! looking forward to the next posts.