Monday, May 10, 2010

From The Vault: Primal Quest 2004: San Juan Islands/Cascade Mountains

Just for the heck-fire of it, I found these old photos and need a place to put them safely. Like HERE!

Primal Quest 2004 in Washington Started and Finished on Orcas island, but the meat of the race was 75 miles away in the Cascade Mountains where the running, trekking and mountainn bike navigation occurred between Darrington, Mt Baker and Bellingham. (Those were some long paddles...55 miles and 65-70 miles....not to mention the many miles of portaging). The race didn't go as planned for anyone. The tragedy of losing Nigel Aylott to a rockfall accident and trying to re-start the race mindset with hundreds of wilderness miles still to go was an experience that I will never, ever forget. I raced with Bev and Alan Abbs and Jeff Fuller.

After a week of racing, with a brief stop for a wake, the last thing you want to do is talk. That race was for Nigel!

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dude...keep the FTV stuff coming!! all good posts!