Saturday, May 29, 2010

Breckenridge 100 Mountain Bike Race

July 17th. See you there!

Check out some photos of the course here:

Quick Update:

On Wednesday I am flying back to California to pack and load up a PODS container. It will be tough to officially say goodbye to friends in Orange County, my home since 2005. Once that is finished, HotWheels and I will embark on a journey from Huntington Beach to our new "official" home town of Boulder, Colorado.

After spending 7 weeks in Boulder at 5400', I look forward to spending a few days breathing sea-level oxygen at the beach before commencing the mother of all multisport road trips. Our itinerary is not finalized, and may never be. That's half the fun! Any look at a map reveals nonstop mountain bike and trail running heaven between Southern California and Boulder. Some spots we are considering are Red Rocks, NV, Zion, Bryce, Moab, Fruita, Crested Butte, Vail, Winter Park, Breckenridge...Very tough to choose.

If anyone has strong opinions on trails we should hit on this road trip, please post in Comments!

My remaining 2010 race schedule is evolving but will have more mountain bike ultras, adventure races, and at least one ultramarathon that I need in order to throw my name in the hat for the 2011 Western States 100 lottery. The focus for me will mostly be on Colorado area races with a few excursions out west for long weekend events such as 24 hour adventure races. If team nuun-SportMulti is able to secure sponsorship, you may see us this winter at the World Championships/RAID BIMBACHE this October in Spain and/or the Abu Dhabi Adventure Race in December.

One thing that is certain is I am SUPER stoked to have recruited my freaky strong friend Slater Fletcher to join me and my adventure racing team nuun-SportMulti for the GoldRush 24 Hour Adventure Race in August. The team will also have Jen Segger and Cyril Jay-Rayon. This will be the first time this combination of athletes has raced together, and it looks like a good mix for a tough 24 hour race.

Lastly, I officially withdrew from Ironman Coeur d'Alene. It was a tough decision but the combination of moving across the country, recently overcoming some ankle tendonitis and being sick for a couple weeks with bronchitis and a sinus infection make it very difficult to achieve my aggressive goals for the race. I will surely do more Ironmans in the future, but only when my life situation is stable enough to allow me an uninterrupted block of a few months of training in all three sports. I know I have a "fast" (for me) race in me, and I look forward to proving it. Just not this year!


Ryan Weeger said...

Really looking forward to the Breck 100 R/R. Whats the plan for the week/weekend?

sean.clancy said...

Breck 100 is going to hurt. Not sure how hard I can push, and for how long...while pacing for a HUNDRED MILES over 10,000' elevation. It will be great training for the Park City Point to Point...

This weekend is up in the air. The POD arrives Friday so I'll be getting a "strength workout" carrying stuff down the steps and loading that bitch up with boxes!

I do plan on riding every day. Can't wait to get on the Turner.