Friday, October 31, 2008


Finishing the Hawaii Ironman is HARD.

It was devised years ago by several military men in
Hawaii arguing over beers about who are the best
endurance athletes:

marathon runners? cyclists? ocean swimmers?

Of course they could not decide, so they agreed to
combine the 3 and the winner would truly earn the title of
"IRONMAN"...Anyone simply FINISHING this new event in 1978
earned serious bragging rights and respect.

Just finishing the Hawai'i Ironman is HARD.
The course sends you on a suicide mission through
scorching black lava fields, with ground temperatures
over 100 and the punishing sun melting your brain.

To finish the Hawaii Ironman in BOOTS & UTES
makes you a HARD-ASS!

Click on the link below for the photographs of USMC Major Bill Connor
completing the Kona Ironman wearing boots, pants, and kevlar helmet.
This was his way of paying tribute to his fallen brothers (he has completed
3 tours in Iraq), with a nod to the founders of Ironman Triathlon.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hawaii Ironman, several Navy
SEALs, including the freakishly strong and unbreakable David Goggins,
parachuted into the ocean right before the start. They ditched their
parachutes, were snatched up in a Zodiac, whisked to shore, and they
started-and finished-the race. Very cool.

If you would like to make a donation to the Navy SEAL fund, which
assists the families of Navy SEALs who have died while serving our
country, click here:

Navy SEAL Warrior Fund

Navy SEAL Warrior Fund is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to raise funds in support of the families of US Navy SEALs who have died while serving our country, or who are presently serving in harm's way in trouble spots around the world. The organization is comprised of volunteers from around the country and has no employees. Funds raised, after expenses, will go solely to improve the education, health and wellness of the spouses and children of deceased and active duty SEALs. Navy SEAL Warrior Fund works in partnership with the Naval Special Warfare Foundation in its fundraising and distribution efforts. As part of this important partnership, four board members of Navy SEAL Warrior Fund are also board members of the Naval Special Warfare Foundation.

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