Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Off to the Adventure Racing National Championships in 2 weeks!

Our next BIG race is the USARA 24 Hour Nationals in Blue Ridge, Georgia...Nov 6-7.

Glenn, Mari & RVG are just getting back from South Carolina, where they just WON the Upstate 24 hour adventure race this past weekend. With that win, we have ensured that we have swept the Checkpoint Tracker national series and have the 2008 CheckpointTracker.com National Series title wrapped up! We have survived the gauntlet of a very challenging season undefeated!

Hopefully we learned enough along the way to bring home the Stars & Stripes jerseys at the National Championships in 2 weeks.

Training has been going well. The body feels ready for ONE MORE beatdown at Nationals before calling it a season. I have felt very spunky on the Swami's ride down in Encinitas. I finally feel on form following a transition period after winning the 70 hour long Moab Expedition Adventure Race last month.

Non-Sequitar of The Day:

Lisa and I went to Julian over the weekend! We picked apples at an orchard, picked out some pumpkins for Halloween, and even found ourselves in a ridiculously intricate corn maze. It was a blast. Nice balance to a morning of hammering my legs
into oblivion on the Swami's ride AND immediate hammerfest to and from Mt. Soledad with Slater Fletcher.

Photos will be posted soon. None of them very serious.

Consecutive Non-Sequitars?!

Last night I went to Whole Foods in Tustin. Maynard James Keenan was there signing bottles of his Caduceus and Arizona Stronghold wines. I am planning a trip to his vineyard and winery near Sedona around the time of my birthday weekend, December 2nd. A weekend of wine, mountain biking, and Rock and Roll baby! Then we'll come back in time to catch Camp Freddy playing in LA.

Your English Is Good - Tokyo Police Club

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