Monday, October 27, 2008

Total Quad Meltdown

This is the elevation profile for my "Bread and Butter" ride...combining the Swami's Ride (~39 miles) with an out and back from Encinitas to La Jolla's very steep Mt. Soledad (adds ~32 miles). Looking at the graph one can clearly see the climbs up Torrey Pines Scripps/LaJolla Shores, and of course the Dream-Crushing Mt. Soledad.

Each of the last 2 weekends I have used this anaerobic HammerFest to gauge my late-season fitness heading into next week's 24 Hour Adventure Racing National Championship.

Having violently sadistic and insane training partners like Slater Fletcher, "Uberbiker" Kurt Gensheimer, and Keevin Blue keeps you honest!

Slater, Keevin, Kurt and I took turns "Crushing each others' Dreams"...

Of course after the ride we crushed some Manhole-Sized Blueberry Pancakes at Potato Shack. Let me tell you: these pancakes are Tremendous.


On Tuesday night, Slater and I did the Five Fingers of Death ride.

Held at Aliso/Wood Cyn wilderness park across the street from my house, this is my OTHER "bread and butter" ride I use to check my mountain bike climbing fitness and skills. We managed to knock out the "loop" in 2hrs23 minutes.

The ocean views of Catalina Island, Laguna Beach, and the Santa Ana and San Gabriel mountains to the east were phenomenal on this clear night.

From left to right you can see 5 Fingers of Death: Cholla, Lynx, Rock-It, Mathis/Top of the World, and Meadows. To add some perspective, these trails are used by Downhillers to practice for their races.


After 15 years in production, Axl Rose/GunsNRoses' Chinese Democracy will FINALLY be released next month...seriously. We have heard that before...almost annually. But it is finally out.

No, really.

Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses

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