Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Team DART-nuun does Mt. Wilson & Mt. Baldy

On Saturday I joined my DART-nuun teammates Cyril Jay-Rayon and Aaron Matzke, and adventure racer Sylvie Marracci for a ride up Mt. Wilson and a hike up Mt. Baldy. Here is a shot of the DART-nuun posse just below the 5,500' summit of Mt. Wilson.

It was super hot, over 95 at the start at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I experimented with 2 tabs of nuun in one 24oz bottle, which seemed to work well in the heat. During the 3.5 hour ride, I drank 6 bottles of water (4 had nuun), and 3 bottles of my ever-reliable Vitargo S2. I trust Vitargo so much now that I don't worry for a second about bonking. THAT is COOL.

It was great fun riding with the lads up and down the mountain. The 19 mile long, twisty descent - which drops over 5,000 feet - was quite tiring! The wide sweeping turns were exhilerating. You could really crank and carry over 40mph through the turns which is just as fun as it gets.

We chowed down on some Mexican food (Mole Chicken Enchiladas!)in Pasadena before driving over to Mt. Baldy for a quick hike up and run down. At over 10,000', there was snow on the summit and the whipping winds brought the temperatures down to the freezing mark. Needless to say, I didn't spend as much time as usual on the summit!

Today's song is A Punk by Vampire Weekend

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