Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 Baja Travesia Champions

After 70 nonstop hours of racing across the Baja peninsula we were gaunt, depleted and severely hallucinating...and celebrating with champagne!

More photos are available over at www.sleepmonsters.com and www.bajatravesia.com

1. Crossing the finish line in Ensenada, both DART-nuun teams tied for 1st Place.

2. Cyril and Sean at the finish line.

3. Both DART-nuun teams at the finish line hitting the champagne.

4. At our homestay in San Felipe, working on maps with Glenn the night before the race. Route selection was very straight-forward. Navigating wouldn't be on these 1:50,000' scale maps!

5. NOBODY can cut and laminate a map like Mari Chandler. NOBODY! Seriously!

6. One last photo from our (seated) celebration after 70hrs of racing across Baja:

7. Ryan Fleming, DART-nuun/NW Kayaks's crew. Ryan was on the 11th place Team DART at Primal Quest Washington in 2004. We were stoked that he agreed to crew for us!

Today's song is New Wave by Against Me! My favorite album of the last year.

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