Friday, May 23, 2008

Must-Do Race: Cal Multisport Vail Lake

The next stop on the racing calendar is the Cal Multisport race at Vail Lake!

This is one of the most exciting races of this year, as it marks a new era of multisport racing in California. To date, California has been a hot-bed of adventure racing talent in the U.S., but solo multisport racing has been conspicuously absent. The launch of the Cal Multisport series this year changes that, in a big way.

The race format at Vail Lake is Bike-Paddle-Run, with a winning time around 3-4 hours. You are allowed to bring any boat you choose: kayak, outrigger canoe, paddleboard, etc. The race will be designed to include as much climbing and singletrack as possible to keep the racers' attention-and heart rates pegged in the Red Zone!

Cal Multisport chose an ideal location in Vail Lake, near Temecula, California. Vail Lake is surrounded by steep mountains criss-crossed with singletrack and fire roads and hosts many mountain bike and adventure races every year. Most importantly, Temecula is a short drive from triathlon mecca San Diego, Orange County, the "inland empire" or Los Angeles.

The course will be marked, so no navigation is required (...hopefully!). Race organizers are my friends and veteran adventure racers Christian Burke of Team Feed the Machine, and Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren from Team SOLE.

This race will likely pit some top Xterra triathletes against Adventure Racers. Who will come out on top? Can the Xterra folks even paddle a kayak?

Although I was planning on racing, I just found out that I will be working in Wilmington, Delaware during the month of June! DOH! Instead of racing I will be
studying things like pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of long-acting beta-2 agonists for 5 weeks.

Check out the WEBSITE for more details.

Song of the Day goes out to "Hot Wheels" who is doing her thing, living it up like a RockStar in Osaka, Japan this week.

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