Monday, May 5, 2008

Camp Freddy at The Roxy this Thursday..

Some shots from last Thursday's show at The Roxy.

It was a mellow "taper weekend", hanging out up in the Hermosa Beach area. On Saturday morning I joined Christian Burke of nuun-sponsored Team Feed The Machine for a short ride up and around Palos Verdes. Team FTM won the brutal Endorphin Fix (which had 43,000' of elevation gain)last weekend in West Virginia, so you know he had some good stories from the 3 day race.

Christian's teammate, "2007 Bonelli Triathlon Champion who did a triathlon on a beach-cruiser and averaged 21mph Evan Hyde", blew his rear deraileur and damaged his new titanium frame. Several attempts to convert to singlespeed failed. Evan was forced to modify and ride a borrowed junker for a 50 mile section of the course! The team still won the race with some slick navigation tactics. That's what I'm talking about! You never know what kind of adversity other teams are facing, so you can never quit in an adventure race. You have to put out all the way to the end. Perfect case in point!

Sunday's highlight was a paddle from Marina del Rey (Mother's Beach) down to the Manhattan Pier & back with DART-nuun teammate Cyril and Sylvie in their triple. We encountered a family of dolphins along the way, begging for some VITARGO! I gave one a squirt. He/She high 5'd me with its fin and took off, invigorated. Ha! No, I didn't really share my Vitargo with any marine mammals. I would though, if I had extra! Ha!

As part of my taper program (ha!), I am going to see Camp Freddy Thursday night at the Roxy with HotWheels, Xian, and Melly Mel. It should be an amazing show, who knows who will show up to sing.

The setlist from last Thursday night is up on their site.

Cheap Trick- 'Hello Ladies and Gentleman'
Blur-'Song 2'
Killing Joke-'Eighties' w/Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray)
Oasis-'Rock & Roll Star' w/Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme)
Led Zeppelin-'Good Times Bad Times' with Poe, Bettencourt
Adam Ant-'Ant Music' w/Steven Perkins (Jane's Addiction)
David Bowie-'Suffragette City' w/Warren DeMartini (Ratt)
Ratt-'Round and Round' w/DeMartini, McGrath
Thin Lizzy-'Jailbreak' w/Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), McGrath
Sex Pistols-'EMI' w/Steve Jones, Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), McGrath
Motorhead-'Ace of Spades' w/Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead)
Eddie Cochran-'Something Else' w/Kilmister, Jones, Corey Parks (Nashville Pussy, Die Hunns)
The Stooges-'I Wanna Be Your Dog' w/Kilmister, Parks, Jones, Bettencourt, McGrath

Friday after work I head up to Vegas...OK, Lake Mead for the Desert Winds 24+ Hour Adventure Race! Look for TWO strong DART-nuun teams contending for the win! You can watch the race unfold LIVE at

Song of the day is I don't wanna fall in love by She Wants Revenge

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