Monday, May 12, 2008

1st Place at Desert Winds Adventure Race!

A sweet victory for my team, DART-nuun/Gregory and DART-nuun. We tied for 1st place...again!

Team DART-nuun and DART-nuun/Gregory (my team) just returned from Temple Bar, Arizona, where we tied for the WIN at the Desert Winds 24 Hour Adventure Race!
Results are HERE

This evening I will try to post a more detailed report with some photos. Team DART-nuun sent two teams to this race, just like we did at the Baja Travesia in March. Just like in Baja, the two DART-nuun teams tied for 1st place! My team, "DART-nuun/Gregory Packs" lead for most of the race before exchanging the lead with "DART-nuun" in the wee hours of Sunday morning. After running eachother's legs off through the desert mountains we decided to call a truce and finish the course together, knowing that we had a significant lead on the 3rd place team.

The winners of this race would receive an entry to the Adventure Racing National Championship race this November in Georgia. DART-nuun plans on competing in that race, sending Glenn Rogers, Me-Sean Clancy, Ryan Van Gorder, and Mari Chandler.

The Desert Winds Adventure Race was a thinker's racecourse, with much strategy and tactics coming into play. The harsh desert mountain & canyon terrain was juxtaposed with the cold vast Lake Mead. There were only 3 mandatory checkpoints, with 27 optional. The winner would need to hit the most checkpoints in the shortest amount of time. Each checkpoint was a stake in the ground with a clue written on it referring to the next CP. In a few instances the checkpoints were underwater!

More to follow...but I am very excited to have win #3 for 2008 so early in the season. Team DART-nuun is deeper than ever this year and we are excited about competing this summer across the country and around the world!

Thanks to nuun and GenR8 VITARGO for supplying me with my race fuel. 90% of my calories came from Vitargo and every single hydration bladder had 2 nuun caps, which saved my butt in the 100 degree desert. NO CRAMPS! I felt awesome and I owe it to my JET FUEL.

Thanks for tuning in everyone!

Song of the day is Computer Camp Love by Data Rock

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