Thursday, December 16, 2010

off season transition

Catching Up...

The first 3 weeks of November were basically my "offseason" for 2010. I enjoyed an evening with some friends on my 35th birthday at the WENGER Flagship Store and BJ's Pizza...

Yes, I did actually eat 2.5 Pizookies

...found a Christmas tree...

...and avoided any structured "training" for a while. Instead of obsessing over workouts, mileage, volume, feet of climbing and flogging myself, I enjoyed frequent and random easy hikes, rides and runs with Lisa and my sister Lauren, who also lives in Boulder. Sleep and total recovery were the priority over morning 'sessions'. I made a few extra 6 packs (er, 4 packs) of GREEN FLASH West Coast IPA disappear and I feel like the period left me feeling totally recovered from the race season, albeit 7lbs heavier.

I have been back training for a few weeks now, focusing on frequency of sessions and functional strength as I ramp up carefully to my normal volume and intensity. I finally joined Flatiron Athletic Club, Boulder's ground zero for triathlon training, and have enjoyed getting back after it every day with a fresh perspective if not a sense of urgency to get back in shape.

One of the biggest reasons I am optimistic and freshly motivated for 2011 is that my friends and training buds like Slater Fletcher and James Walsh among others raised the bar significantly in 2010. I look forward to the training process as much as racing and hopefully knocking out some masochistic camps together as we all aim to raise the bar even higher in 2011, crushing our own and each others' dreams along the way...with Green Flash West Coast IPA or Piny the Elder IPA always waiting at the finish lines.

After starting the 2010 season as well as ending it with some form of nagging overuse injuries, my New Year's Resolution is to stay injury-free and prioritize my health and nip any injury red flags in the bud. Functional strength trumps all. More time in the gym and specific Prehab exercises I have learned from Dr. J-Rodg to keep the shoulder working properly.

Although 2010 was a bit frustrating with some close 2nd place finishes in adventure races, adaptation to living at Boulder's altitude and my ankle injury keeping me out of my scheduled Ironman Triathlon, I learned some valuable lessons in training and life and am extremely thankful for the amazing opportunities I DID HAVE in 2010 to race with such great teammates and friends in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, California, and Colorado. It is, after all, all about the Journey.

Future posts here will include race re-caps of events and some behind-the-scenes details, maybe some funny or even embarassing photos. The HD GoPro Camera is ready to go!

Proof (I do not think they used this ad):

Upward and Onward,



jameson said...

dude... you look strong. how many push ups can you do?

seriously... really looking forward to 2011 and seeing you throwdown in utah.... and an island somewhere in the pacific some time in october....

sean.clancy said...

I still think you should do Powerman Alabama. I watched the late great Benny Van Steelant kill it back in 2000. One of the true classics, and this year is is the USA LC Duathlon Nationals. Nice hit-out before IM Texas!

Fly into Birmingham.

And the answer to your question is 4...
4 thousand.