Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Road Trip Day 6: Fruita/Kokapelli Trail

Day 6 was originally supposed to entail riding some of the Moab slickrock and canyons I raced across at the 2008 Adventure XStream Expedition Race with my adventure racing team, DART-nuun. The weather did not exactly cooperate. During our drive from Bryce Canyon towards Moab the sky went black and a raging storm chased us across the highway. We decided to bypass Moab and head straight to Fruita.

After spending the night in Fruita we woke up to rain once again. Fortunately it cleared quickly and by noon we were on the Kokopelli Trail...sort of. We inadvertently rode up Moore Fun counterclockwise, which is Less Fun than the intended clockwise route. We were able to drop down to Mary's Trail, Steve's, Kokopelli and more. Riding along the rim of the canyon cliffs with the sound of distant thunder and storm clouds rolling in around us made for an exhilarating 3 hours on the trails.

We did not make it up to the north side of town, as it started raining cats and dogs immediately after we finished this ride. Instead of waiting out the storm and hoping for dry conditions (yeah right) we decided to get the show on the road and headed east towards Vail...

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