Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Road to Boulder Day 2: Gooseberry Mesa

First stop on our road trip from Huntington Beach to Boulder was St. George, Utah. We arrived late and woke up the next morning to hit the slickrock trails and magnificent desert views of Gooseberry Mesa. Recently did an excellent
"Destinations" article on this area.

You never seem to go more than 10 yards in any direction at the Gooseberry. The trails are a staccato ADHD twisting labyrinth over sometimes technical stone, marked by white dots. While much smaller than the more-famous slickrock of Moab, Goose is so compact that you can't approach it as a "training ride", but instead an "experience". It almost reminded me of riding at Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park last year in Cleveland. While not super technical, you will have plenty of opportunities to test your skills, and/or faceplant.

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