Monday, March 1, 2010

Building a Bigger Engine...

February went by in a flash!

The month started slowly, as I had family visitors in town, a nagging cold and ankle injury from NGAR that "ix-nayed" my running and limited my bike training to 200-220 miles/week. With the ankle injury, I opted to withdraw from Ironman 70.3 California to focus on healing my ankle and building my bike engine larger than ever before. Although I have had a couple decent results so far this year such as Fiesta Island, I am certain that I am capable of much more on the bike and look forward to proving that to myself in races this year.

The last two weeks were another story, as I banked 503 and 416 miles on the bike with some decent climbing in the mix and some great 100+ milers with Slater Fletcher and other friends. My ankle (peroneal tendon) is still healing, so while running has been put aside I have focused on building my engine on the bike alone this winter. I am very much looking forward to competing in more road races, crits and circuit races this year in addition to the Southern California and Fiesta Island Time Trial series races.

In other news my new rocket, a Cannondale Super Six High Mod with Dura Ace 7900 and Ksyrium Premium wheels is an addition to the stable, and is the stiffest, fastest, most comfortable bike I have ridden. It's scary fast and I like it. 10 seconds into my first ride on this bike, I had a devilish chuckle and thought "this is what it's SUPPPOSED to feel like"...Getting used to the Dura Ace shifters after a few years on Campagnolo takes some getting used to. My thumbs keep trying to shift phantom levers! I also switched from Speedplay to Time pedals to see if that would help my gimpy ankle in any way. I have been a passionate cyclist for 20 years, but I am enjoying riding more than ever. That's what it's all about! It's easy to keep the fire stoked when you are blessed to live somewhere like Southern California.

Lastly I have done a couple photo shoots for FRS Healthy Energy drinks that are popping up online as banner ads on and other places. As someone who drinks way to much coffee, FRS (Low Calorie) has been a healthier option for me over the last few years. It's a mid-day energy boost that won't stain my teeth or give me funky breath!

March 6th looms ominously on the calendar for my underground DREAM CRUSHERS team. Friends and training partners Slater Fletcher, James Walsh, Ryan Weeger and possibly others are headed up to my favorite riding spot, the Santa Monica Mountains. We'll ride most of the classic climbs and descents that Lance Armstrong and other ProTour cyclists have used to prepare for the Tour de France.

The DreamCrusher route will be somewhere between 100 and 120 miles, which is more than enough if you have ever ridden in the Santa Monicas. 4-6 mile long climbs and descents, all day. Cycling Paradise. My most memorable rides have all been in the Santa Monicas and I look forward to showing my OC and San Diego friends one of the greatest "secret" training spots in the country. Its' going to be hard, there might be bonking, and there might be puking. We are STOKED! True to our name, we plan on crushing our own dreams.

Last, but certainly not least, I leave you with SERGIO!!!!


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