Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ironman Coeur d'Alene This Weekend...

Bike course doesn't look too bad...if you love hills and headwinds as much as This guy.

It's on.
Like Donkey Kong.

The race is on Sunday. If you want to follow the race LIVE, you can do so at . There will be live tracking throughout the race, and possibly audio/video. Intermediate splits throughout the course will give you a good idea of my progress.

The primary directive is to get off the bike feeling like I can rip a 3 hour marathon. Of course after mile 20 and close to 9 hours of racing anything can happen. Maintaining that outlook - and pace - may prove to be a bit more difficult. Fueling with Vitargo should allow me to race as close to potential as possible.

As always, you bring the popcorn, I'll bring the pain.

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Slater Fletcher said...

"THIS" weekend!! Rock it tomorrow and dont forget . . . push until it hurts and THEN drop the hammer!!