Monday, September 8, 2008

Off to Tahoe for the Kit Carson 24 Hour Adventure Race!

Footage from the 2007 Big Blue Adventure Race series...

Quick pre-race update:

Boys & Girls,

Right now I am packing up for this weekend's big race, the Big Blue Kit Carson 24 Hour Adventure Race.

This is all we know about his weekend's 24 hour race...from their site:

Kit Carson 24 Venue
Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park, Spooner Lake: Carson City, Nevada

Spooner Lake is on Highway 28, nine miles south of Sand Harbor and 1/2 mile north of Highway 50. It is approximately a 30 minute drive from South Lake Tahoe and a 20 minute drive from North Lake Tahoe.


7003 Feet

Kit Carson 24 Disciplines

• 15+ miles Lake Tahoe
• Sandy beach put-in
• Water clarity to 65+ feet
• Beautiful shoreline
• Very high probability of flat and light wind conditions. Or it could be windy with lots of waves.

Mountain Biking:
• 45+ miles
• Single Track
• Double Track
• Fire Trail
• Fast
• Pavement
• A little of everything

• 10,000 feet altitude gain

Foot Travel:
• 15+ miles
• Single Track
• Fire Trail
• Sand
• Pavement

Soooooo, a little bit of everything. We will take some pictures on the course that hopefully will be 'appropriate for posting'...

Hasta Luego,


Today's song is more than just a's the freakin' MAGNUM P.I. Theme! French?!

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