Thursday, September 18, 2008

1st Place at Kit Carson 24 Hour Adventure Race!

Sean, Mari and Glenn at the finish line near Lake Tahoe

Team DART-nuun did it again!

Almost 19 hours after starting with a paddle across Lake Tahoe, Team DART-nuun pulled off another sweet victory at the Big Blue Kit Carson 24 Hour Adventure Race. We fought hard for this victory, and Glenn's perfect navigation in the mountains in the middle of the night made all the difference.

Here's the Report:

That's 6 wins in a row so far for me this season with Team DART-nuun...

...and 7 wins in a row going back to last season...Knock on wood!

Competing at this level would be exponentially more difficult without incredibly generous sponsors and unwavering support of loved thanks to our sponsors and thanks for reading.


On Wednesday we are off to Moab for the nasty Adventure X-Stream Expedition Adventure Race!

We will race across the world-renowned mountain bike trails of Moab, through the 12,000' elevation of the La Sal mountains, and the surrounding deserts and canyons.

To add insult to injury, an inline skating section has been added. Hopefully not at the END of the race, when my feet are swollen up from size 11 to 12+.

The race begins Thursday morning around 11, and all top teams are due to finish on Sunday. Awards and celebration is Sunday night at the host hotel in Moab.

If we win, we will have won the 2008 CheckpointTracker Series, and some serious prize money (for adventure racing, at least!).

Although the Checkpoint Tracker website is a month late on the series standings, we are going into this race essentially tied for 1st place with the freakishly strong Colorado team, Boulder Performance Network.

At the Adventure X-Stream, Team DART-nuun will see the most competitive field we have faced this season since the impossibly gnarly Baja Travesia (link) expedition adventure race (North American Championship) we won in March.

We need everything to go right to beat a very strong team from Boulder, not to mention many other very strong teams in the field who are capable of winning.

Your thoughts and prayers would be GREATLY appreciated and are quite necessary for us to pull out a victory.

Live coverage!!! (blog updates and live "Spot" GPS) will be at

If you have a second, before or during the race send me a shout-out! There is a 'shout-out' section on the race coverage page:

Thank you!


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