Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Running through the desert to the Baja cars

1. Running through the desert, constantly getting cactus needles in the feet, legs and toes.

1.5 Here is our brother team DART-nuun route-finding from atop a mountain on one of the desert treks

2. After the first run across the 100 degree desert, we jumped in baja cars which drove us about 45 minutes to the base of the mountains-the mouth of the Big Canyon under Picachu del Diablo

2.4 Here is our sister team DART-nuun in the baja cars

3. Here is a view later from one of the mountain bike sections. Thousands of feet above the valley, this is from the old observatory road. The 2nd darkest place in the hemisphere at night.

Today's song is Hang Me Out to Dry by Coldwar Kids

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