Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 Days in Santa Fe & Camp Freddy in LA

Just got back from work meetings in Santa Fe. It was my first time visiting New Mexico and I must say I did not anticipate the difference altitude makes when running your "easy pace". What a rude awakening it was to attempt running*at*all* at an altitude of 7,000'. You gasp for air, but no dice. No-can-do! Sorry! So I ran slowly and enjoyed the scenery and history of the town. So I JFT'd and after about 30 minutes of I found flow and forgot about time, pace, or oxygen.

Santa Fe is a cool little town and such a departure for someone like me, a jaded denizen of the littoral and hinterland.


The Camp Freddy show at Knitting Factory for The TEEN PROJECT was unbelievable. Maybe 150-200 people in an intimate setting. I am definitely going to check them out in May at the Roxy.

from the website:


Brett Scallions:

Pretty Vacant, Rain,

Billy Morrison:

Suffragette City,

Corey Parks:

Bad Reputation,

Terri Nunn:

The Metro, Man In The Box,

Mark McGrath:

Cat Scratch Fever, Jailbreak, Round And Round (with Warren De Martini),


God Save The Queen,

Billy Morrison:

I Wanna Be Your Dog.

Camp Freddy played a show at the Los Angeles Knitting Factory in Hollywood, in aid of 'Give Me Shelter' - a charity that helps find housing for people after the Foster Care System. We had a great night, and a bunch of friends joined us to help us rock. Brett Scallions, Mark McGrath, Warren De Martini, Stephen Perkins, Billy Duffy, Corey Parks, Terri Nunn and Lemmy all got onstage during the night and jammed with us.

Linda Perrys band also played and they did a fantastic set of all Led Zeppelin songs.

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