Thursday, November 10, 2011


Adventure Racers. CrossFitters. Triathletes. Cyclists. Ultrarunners. Explorers. Fighters. You.

We're blesssed to have the ability and freedom of movement and free will. Every day I thank God for my health, and my family's. Watch this video of Connor and Cayden Long. This 8 year old boy pulls his less-fortunate but much-loved 6-year-old brother through triathlons!

This video reminds me to put excuses in context and make the most of what I DO have, today.
What is under your control *right now*? Your posture, your thoughts, your words, your actions,
the way you treat people, the choices you make...

Every day is a gift.


J.P. Patrick said...

Good stuff, man!

On the Bright Side said...

Not even a minute into this I am crying. This is such a testament to what can be accomplished outside the invisible walls of excuses. The whole family inspires me and that little boy's strength is incredible. Very touching.