Thursday, June 23, 2011


Over the last month I have managed to spend some quality time almost daily on my local Colorado singletrack. Whether running, hiking or mountain biking; dirt, rocks or snow; Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park, or Vail, I have brought my DROID X camera along for all of my daily excursions.

After a long cold winter, seeing and feeling the dirt and rock of the trail again is more than welcome. The subtle seasonal changes around the trail are barely noticeable from day to day. Seeing the snow line rapidly recede on the Indian Peaks from the summit of Green Mountain or running alongside Boulder creek's churning roar, the magnitude is more profound. I thought I would post some of the better shots from the trail.

The shots today are from a snow hike/run Lisa and I did from the Bear Lake area in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trailhead sits at 9100' and was covered by several feet of snow on this mid-June weekend. We made it up to around 10,300 to catch the sunset before running and glissading back down to the car, just in the nick of time.

Running and post-holing along tree-tops sticking out of the snow contrasted with the dry 90 degree day we left behind in Boulder, 5,000 feet below...

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