Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep On Track

It's hard to believe we are 1/3 of our way through 2011. Are you "on track" for reaching your goals this year? Have you clearly defined those goals? You might be blowing your fitness or business goals out of the water, but how about your most valued relationships? What adjustments have you made this year that have allowed you to succeed?

More important than acknowledging what IS working is what is NOT working and needs to change. It's early in the game, with plenty of time left on the clock to rally and get back on track. Take a moment to consider what needs to change to improve your trajectory. Write down a list...put it somewhere like the fridge or bathroom mirror where you will see it multiple times every day.

It's not too late to rally. Not even close! The upside of making mistakes early in the game is you of course learn valuable lessons and understand the pain associated with those mistakes.

Consider Charles Barkley: Former Olympian, NBA legend, multimillionaire. In retirement, he let himself go. 10 sneaky pounds gained became 20,
then 50, some point carelessness became resignation, which became despair. This is not only self-destructive but suicidal.

Regardless of his bank account, trophies or mansions, Sir Charles' trajectory in life was way off. A man of that size is quite likely headed towards a terrible slow demise of diabetes, heart attack and early death.

What is he doing about it? RADICAL CHANGE for the better! He has summoned his will in the past with almost unparalleled success. A 6'4 power forward/center? If he wants something, he can make it happen. It will be interesting to follow his commitment to change with CrossFit North Atlanta...Apparently Mrs. Bill Cowher was the one motivating Chuck to get his ass in The Box!

Where there is a big enough WHY there is a HOW. Stop what you're doing and find a way to make it happen. One step at a time...

What is your "Why"?

Once you're on track again, remember to ignore the "interference".

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