Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback...

After just finishing my "off season" I am back in the swing of base-building for 2010. The big news for 2010 is I will rejoin my Adventure Racing Teammates on Team for the Checkpoint Tracker Series and possibly one or two Expedition Races in North America or overseas.

Right now I am enjoying training more than ever. I am rebuilding my running, riding and paddling aerobic base after a few weeks of unstructured training and relaxation. The next step is picking up where I left off in November of 2008, actually right where we won the Adventure Racing National Championship in Blue Ridge, Georgia...No, literally! My first race back will be the North Georgia 24 Hour Adventure Race, January 16-17th. This race will be extremely competitive, with over 50 of the best teams from the Southeast as well as our west coast team and the new 2009 National Champions from New Hampshire. Standby for pain!

Team will be Glenn Rogers of Gig Harbor, Washington, ME, and Jennifer Rinderle of Atlanta, Georgia...our ringer of a "hired gun" who actually races for one of our greatest competitors, Team CheckpointZero

In other news, I left my job at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals today and am on vacation until the end of the year. I am pursuing new opportunities and hope this calculated risk allows me to find the right fit to leverage my personality, skill set and passions into a rewarding career. When you get into your "comfort zone" you become stagnant and it's time to move on to a greater challenge. Just like endurance training. I believe that life is short, and this is not a dress rehearsal. CARPE DIEM!

Upward and Onward,


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jameson said...

Rad! can't wait to hear about the races... and hopefully join in on some of your epic training days!