Friday, July 24, 2009

And Now...For Something Completely Different.

As of this week, I have decided not to do Ironman Canada/Kona this year. Too much dough. I realized that it would cost me around $5,000 to do both Canada and Kona, plus a couple weeks of vacation to do it right. Instead, I will do several other races, including a return to the Dirt...still working out details. It is actually a relief to save money and allow myself to focus on One key race and a few Benchmark races along the way. I'm excited about it! There are several races in California that I have not done yet and look forward to experiencing this year.

Instead of training for a 112 mile time trial and a marathon, I can focus on getting faster and building on my aerobic base that I have been developing my late start in February.

I will try to peak for Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida in November as my "A" race for this fall.

I have signed up for the Santa Barbara Long Course Triathlon on August 22nd, and will enter a few more races to fill the new gaps in my schedule.

Getting up early in the morning for one of my favorite rides: Swami's Ride plus an out and back to Mt. Soledad. This ride is a good benchmark that Slater, Keevin, Kurt and I use to gauge our dreamcrushing abilities...or lack thereof!

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Luke said...

slate said you may be joining the dreamcrusher assault on st. george to fill the ironman void...right on man!! we'll have a huge squad out there next year!

sean clancy said...

St. George is sold out...maybe I can get a slot at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside?

Are you doing Santa Barbara? Seems like we have about a dozen headed up...should be fun.

Slater Fletcher said...

So good to hear you heading back into the dirt...!! Roadies are strange anyhow.

Sucks about St. George. Crap. And you are not even going to be in my AG so you would not have crushed my dreams BUT Santa Barbara IS this year...YIKES!

sean.clancy said...

St. George could still happen...if I do California 70.3 and they keep the existing program...

Good Point, Captain Fletcher! Next year I will race 35-39 so we can race together, divide and conquer. What AG are you next year Luke?

Looking forward to riding Blackstar/Motorway,
5 Fingers of Death,
San Juan Trail, and Vail Lake.

It is officially ON. Now!

Luke said...

holding 25-29 for one more season...then it's all over right?

or i just gotta step up the game.

2010..dreamcrusher xterra domination!