Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tour of California

This morning I am headed up to Pasadena for a long ride up to Mt. Wilson with Kurt Gensheimer and Cyril Jay Rayon, with about 5,500' of climbing. After descending, the plan is to pack up the bikes and walk over to the Rose Bowl where the peloton will do 5 laps before the finish of today's stage. I will try to post photos here later, and on FB in "real time".

Catch the coverage right HERE

It certainly looks like Levi Leipheimer just has to keep the rubber side down to secure the three-peat. Levi's form has been unbelievable so far, and having Lance Armstrong (among others) as your domestique doesn't exactly hurt.

On Sunday I will also drive down to Escondido for a long ride that will include and ascent of Mt. Palomar (another 5-6,000' of climbing). Atop Palomar we will hopefully
catch the peloton on their way up...another photo opportunity! We will then descend the west grade back down to our cars in the valley and TRY to make it to the finish before the peloton...

Quick Training Update:
Going VERY well...body feels fantastic, and I am absorbing some good volume right now. 300 miles on the bike this week, around 10k swimming, and the running is just a couple weeks away from "normal". So far so good!

Quick shout-out to my friend and teammate Ryan VanGorder who tore up his ankle playing basketball and will be out for a while. RVG was about to head down to Costa Rica for a coast-to-coast adventure race with his wife, racer Jen. Heal up fast my brother of another mother!

Lots of Action!

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