Saturday, August 9, 2008

August and everything after...

Howzabout an update?

After the Gorge Games DART-nuun victory, I took 10 days mostly off with very light unstructured training. I attended my cousin Conrad's wedding in Chicago with Miss HotWheels, slept more, swam more, gained 4lbs. Good times!

Over the last 10 days, I have recovered from Gorge Games and in fact rebounded very well. I am setting year-best times in my Maximum Aerobic Function running tests, and my climbing on the bike is near year/lifetime bests.

That said, I have to be careful not to peak too soon, as I need to be ready to rock with Team DART-nuun on September 14th at the Kit Carson 24 Hour Adventure Race (near Tahoe). After Kit Carson we're off to Moab, Utah for the Adventure Xstream Expedition Adventure Race. I have never been to Moab, so riding the legendary Mountain Bike tracks and running and trekking in the LaSalle mountains will be perhaps the highlight of the year (since I can't remember too much of what happened at the Baja Travesia...really).

After recovering from Moab, I will do a few Half Ironman races and PERHAPS a fall Ironman. I am signed up for Ironman 70.3 Oceanside in the spring, and will do a full triathlon season in 2009, in addition to raising the roof with DART-nuun. All signs point towards lifetime-best fitness over the next year so I would like to achieve my lifetime goal of competing in the Hawai'i Ironman.

I am the last kid on the block to train with a Power meter, and am getting mine set up soon. When I do so, I will post all my data on my workout LOG. No secrets, just hard/smart/periodized/structured work!

Stay tuned, you naughty little monkeys!

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Sequestered in Memphis - The Hold Steady

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